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London, the capital city of England and thus, the United Kingdom, is renowned worldwide for its thriving communities and vigorous culture.

London is the most populous city in Europe with a population of seven and a half million souls.

Greater London is also one of the world's largest cities - it covers a total area of six hundred and nine square miles. London is a BIG city!

Did you know that London was founded in 43 AD by the Ancient Romans, who called it Londinium? London has gone from strength to strength since!

So, London is cosmopolitan, thriving, bustling and big! Whether you are a visitor to London or a worker in London, or even, one of London's residents, London has lots to offer for fun, work and play.

Getting around London is easy with many good forms of public transport. There is the ubiquitous tube, The London Underground, and of course the famous red London Buses. British Rail offers a network of trains and of there is also the world famous black cabs, London Taxis.

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