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London Food

London is a cosmopolitan city, and as such, offers food from all nations and in all styles. There is a plethora of restaurants, snack bars, buffets, cafes, takeaways, fast food stores, shops, convenience stores and, even, burger vans.

With so much choice for food in London, there is bound to be something for everyone.


Why not try one of the self-service Sushi bars that are to be found in SOHO? These are a unique experience if you like your fish raw, Sushi style.

The food (and raw fish) is served on little platters that pass by on a conveyor belt in front of you. When you see a sushi dish that takes your fancy, you quickly grab it, eat it and enjoy looking for and choosing the next Sushi dish (as they all pass by on the conveyor belt).

Your bill is prepared based on the empty sushi platters that you gather on your table - a unique food experience.

Fish and Chips

Is this what you were looking for? :-) Where in London can you get a good fish and chips? Well, I can recommend only one fish shop that has met my high standards and that is the fish and chip shop in Cleveland Street, W1.

North of SOHO in the area known as Fitzrovia, Cleveland Street is a few minutes walk from the very fashionable Charlotte Street and the many fashionable restaurants there. Cleveland Street is quieter and something of a secret to those in the know - this fish and chip shop is great.

There is a different fish of the day, each day, sustainable pollack, calamari, sea bass or sardines, and of course there is always fresh cod and chips. Try the mushy peas with your fish dinner for a unique British experience.

This is quite a small unpretentious fish restaurant and you might not get always get a table without waiting, though you will find Iranian, Greek, Japanese and Italian restaurants in Cleveland Street that are also very good.

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