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Help yourself buffets in London

Central London has many help yourself buffet restaurants with food from many different countries available. Chinese buffets, Thai Buffets and Pizza Buffets are easily found around the Leicester Square area, Chinatown and SOHO area, W1.

Most of the buffet restaurants only accept cash, so make sure before you go in that you wont be relying on plastic to pay. Drinks will be extra and tipping is definitely optional. I usually choose not to tip as there is no service and I eat in a buffet restaurant when I am on a strict budget.

Service at the help yourself buffets is minimal. You will be shown to a table and given a plate. You can visit the buffet as many times as you like in most establishments, so this is a very good way to fill up on a budget. Many of the buffet restaurants will also have a takeaway offering where it is possible to fill up a container with the food of your choice and eat outside, perhaps in a park - forks, spoons and serviettes are provided.

My favourite help yourself buffets are the Thai Restaurants in Frith Street, SOHO, W1. These are near Wardour Street, Greek Street and just off Soho Square, so easy to find. The Thai buffets are displayed in the windows of the restaurants so you get to see what the buffet selection will be before you enter the restaurant.

Nearest Underground Stations to Soho are probably Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road and Picadilly Circus.

Gili Gilu

Gili Gilu is a help yourself, eat as much as you like sushi buffet in Monmouth Street, near Trafalgar Square. Good sushi plus a choice of different kinds of noodles and hot soups this Japanese buffet is good value for money.

Gili Gilu, 50-52 Monmouth Street, London, WC2.

Nearest Undergound: Leicester Square / Charing Cross.

Questo Italian Buffet

The Questo Italian Buffet is in Romilly Street which is near Leicester Square. Food is unlimited and consists of pizza, pasta, salads, meat and bread. There are a total of 20 different buffet dishes to choose from and you can eat as much as you like. The waiters and waitresses bring tasters of the buffet to your table for you to try so you will know what you will like when you visit the buffet.

Questo Italian Buffet, 26 Romilly Street, London, W1.

Nearest Undergound: Leicester Square.

Tai Buffet

The Tai Buffet is a vegan / vegetarian Chinese and Thai food buffet in Greek Street, Soho, London. All you can eat from a selection of rices, seaweeds, hot cooked vegetables, prawn crackers, mushroom, noodles, rice, curries and much more - a great help yourself buffet and very good value. Chinese green tea can be ordered as an extra and perfectly accompanies the Thai buffet.

Tai Buffet, 10 Greek Street, SOHO, London, W1.

Nearest Undergound: Tottenham Court Road / Leicester Square.

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