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Poetry in London

London is served by very good poetry venues and also has many historical poetical connections.

Many famous English language poets were born, lived or worked in London.

The Poetry Cafe

The Poetry Cafe is in Covent Garden, London. It is owned and run by the Poetry Society and there are regular and frequent poetry readings, music and literary events.

The Poetry Cafe's address: 22 Betterton St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BX Telephone: 020 7420 9887

Nearest Undergound: Covent Garden.

The Poetry Cafe Home Page

William Blake

William Blake was born in 28A Broad Street, Golden Square, London, England on 28 November 1757. A plaque is erected to commemorate William Blake's birth-place on a building in Marshall Street, which is very close to Carnaby Street and SOHO.

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